Judicial liquidation R-PUR

Like many companies in 2023, R-PUR experienced financial difficulties and was placed in compulsory liquidation at the beginning of July 2023. Solutions have since been found and a buyer took over the activity in October 2023.

You can order filters and masks without worry, we will give you more information.

1. What happened to R-PUR?

R-PUR is a company that was created in December 2016 to protect people from air pollution. Thanks to the promise of the development of an effective and comfortable anti-pollution mask, the participatory campaign made it possible to raise more than €350,000.

Since the summer of 2018, the company R-PUR has been marketing its masks directly on its website. Proving their effectiveness, more and more people around them recommended it, which allowed the company to grow rapidly.

At the end of 2019, R-PUR raised 2.5 million euros and it was a great victory for the small team which was then at Station F.

2. 2020, the year of change

Before COVID hit, R-PUR was already struggling to keep up with production demand for its masks. During the 2019 Christmas period, stocks were already exhausted.

The arrival of COVID changed the entire balance of the start-up which saw its workforce quadruple to meet demand.

It then increased its production lines and began to develop a new pedestrian model.

3. 2022, the tipping point

At the start of 2022, a fundraising of nearly 10 million euros was to be finalized to allow the company to continue its investments and international development.

It was then that the shift occurred: a global financial market that had become more cautious with the crisis got the better of the lifting at the time of its finalization.

Reluctantly, a large part of the team had to leave the adventure in order to save costs while solutions were found.

These solutions did not arrive quickly enough and the company had to be placed in compulsory liquidation at the beginning of July 2023. This was an upheaval even though customers had always found the product to be of high quality and very effective against pollution.

4. And after?

Between July and October 2023, the site no longer allowed orders, no orders were taken.

A few people on the team did not want the adventure to end like this, leaving nearly 80,000 people without a filter to equip themselves with.

They then came together to propose a resumption of activity which was accepted 3 months later.

Since the beginning of October, R-PUR new version has been released:

  • The iconic motorcycle and bicycle models have been kept for sale.
  • The pedestrian model will no longer be produced, only the filters remain on sale for those who were equipped with them.
  • Nano filters for the bicycle and motorcycle model are available and will be available for a long time.

For the moment, no new masks will be offered for sale.

At the start of 2024, a new range of products will complete R-PUR's main mission: to protect you from air pollution.

Thank you for your trust and your messages of support.
We will give the best for you,
The new R-PUR team


Legal notices of the new company R-PUR:

120 rue du Château
75014 Paris

SIRET: 929 353 175 00011

Registration with the RCS, number 929 353 175 RCS Paris