All the accessories for your city bike

If you want to discover all the accessories for your electric bikes and for the city, you have come to the right place.

The items we recommend are intended for urban use.
Whether it is to protect your head with a helmet, protect your lungs with an anti-pollution mask, ensure a peaceful sleep by installing a reliable lock on your frame, easily transport your belongings with a bag, benefit from optimized lighting for your night outings, here you will find all the products adapted to your cycling practice.

In this article, we're going to look at all the must-have accessories to complete your bike so you can fully enjoy your ride through the city.

Protect yourself with a helmet

The first accessory not to be neglected, whatever your cycling practices, is the helmet. Indeed, it is very important to wear a helmet to protect yourself in case of a fall. When looking to buy a helmet, consider several important criteria.

First, check that the helmet is CE EN 1078 approved (European Standards) and make sure you have the correct head circumference. Then choose a model that suits you based on the following criteria:

  • A helmet with/without visor
  • A light or sturdy helmet
  • A helmet with replaceable inner foams
  • A ventilated helmet for riding in high heat

Helmets can be personalized with stickers, caps and even tinted lenses. Finally, choose a helmet that gives you satisfaction. This means that it should be comfortable to wear and not get in the way when riding.

We recommend the following brands:

Protect your lungs with a mask

It is often complicated to combine mask with comfort. However, by finding a mask that allows you to breathe naturally and is comfortable for your skin, your journeys will have a whole new look.
This is what we offer at R-PUR, a mask that becomes your daily companion to protect what matters most, your health.

You can discover our Nano S anti-pollution mask dedicated to cycling.

Don't forget to install a lock

Your bicycle is a fragile and expensive object. It is therefore essential to invest in a lock to protect your mount against theft.
There are different types of locks:

  • U locks (locks with key)
  • folding locks and long chains.

Each type of lock has its advantages and disadvantages: the U-lock is economical and easy to use, but less secure.
The folding is very resistant, but bulkier and heavier; as for the chain, it is very solid and can be attached to two fixed points.

Make sure you choose a lock that meets your expectations in terms of security, practicality and reliability.

Carry your belongings with a bag

Whether for transporting documents, tools or groceries, panniers are a must for cyclists.

They are available in different sizes and materials and are very easy to install on your bike. The side panniers are perfect for small items such as keys and wallet while the rear panniers can accommodate up to 25 litres.

Some bags are waterproof and even have reflective strips for better visibility at night.
In addition, for demanding cyclists, some brands offer ergonomic panniers that are designed for maximum comfort.

Light your way with good lighting

When riding at night, good lighting is essential to see and be seen. The market currently offers high-performance lighting systems with powerful LEDs and batteries capable of providing autonomy of up to 50 hours.

Opt for lights with several lighting modes to adapt the power to the ambient light and be sure to choose lights that adapt to your type of bike (mountain bike, city). Also remember to check the compatibility of batteries and chargers.

In conclusion, to complete your bike in order to ride in complete safety and with as much comfort as possible, don't forget to buy a helmet, a mask, a lock, a bag and a good lighting system.
Don't wait any longer and start rolling!