Angell Bike/S Electric Bike Review

As everyone knows, mobility and
air pollution are closely related. We can even say that one is the consequence of the other since mobility (thermal!) is now one of the top three causes of air pollution in France.

At R-PUR, we have been protecting you from air pollution since 2015. But we also strongly encourage every initiative aimed at reducing it. Electric mobility is one of them.

This is why we decided to test one of the latest solutions developed in electric mobility: the Angell /S electric bike.

Who is Angell Bike?

The Angell adventure begins in 2018. His mission? Improving everyday life in cities by imagining, creating and distributing mobility objects of the future intended primarily for home/work journeys.

For what ? For Angell Bike, it's very simple:

  • The average speed of cars in town is 15.2 km/h.
  • 75% of urban journeys are made from home to work.
  • 75% of them are less than 5 km.
  • We would lose a whole week a year in traffic jams.

In 2019, Angell launches its very first electric bike, Following its success, Angell returns in 2021 with a new version of its electric bike: the Angell/S.

We were able to test both!

Our test: the Angell /S bike

Angell /S offers all the functionality of the Angell model. Its wide saddle is padded, its handles are in leather. There is a real feeling of comfort.

The “gooseneck” frame of the bike is suitable for both men and women and is very modern, like the rest of the general design, signed Ora-ïto, one of the most acclaimed designers in the world.

Our first remarks relate to its ultra light weight (15.9 kg with battery!) which amazed us, its high resistance, its compact and removable battery, and its Made In France manufacturing.

At R-PUR, we are technology enthusiasts (we ourselves run an R-PUR application which allows us to monitor the wear of our filter): we were therefore pleasantly surprised by the bike's superb 2.4” touch screen. , which is also fully customizable.

The Angell Bike model is offered in two colors with a matte finish: Silver and Black. The little extra of the Angell /S version: its Green variant. for this test, we opted for the black version.

Three modes of electric assistance are available (eco, normal, fast), in addition to being able to use it without assistance (still practical when you want to save your battery). On average, the bike takes you at a speed of 25km/h.

Angell Bike: three modes of assistance

The Angell /S FlyFast assist mode

On their website, Angell calls itself the “safest bike in the world”: we wanted to know why. It must be said that this attribute is quite deserved: in terms of safety, the Angell bike is quite equipped!

It has a detector and fall alert (in the event of an accident, a message is sent to your emergency contact). Also, we were not afraid of not being seen on the road: The Angell /S is equipped with hyperbolic lights and front and rear indicators, and the strips of its tires are reflective.

In addition, vibrators are integrated into the handles, which allows you to know the direction to take without having to constantly check your GPS. As for the anti-theft system, your Angell /S bike will be safe with its audible and visual alarm that goes off as soon as the bike is moved without your knowledge.

It's not over: the bike locks automatically when you move away from it, the latter being equipped with monitoring by geolocation and motion detector. Battery ? It is protected by an integrated lock.

Good news: at R-PUR, we are not the only ones to encourage soft mobility: currently, many regions are committed to financing part of your purchase of an electric bike, up to 500 €.

If you are interested, but not yet convinced, Angell has several free test centers in France.

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