Repairing your motorbike with second-hand parts

A fall, an accident... your two-wheeler is badly damaged. After diagnosis, the list of parts to be replaced is long and the bill looks expensive. To cut costs, you consider buying second-hand parts but have doubts about their reliability. Is it a good idea to use second-hand parts to repair your bike? Is it possible to use used parts to repair everything? Where can you get quality parts? Find out the answers to your questions.

Repairing your motorbike with second-hand parts: a good choice

motorbike repair

Repairing a motorbike is no small task. Depending on the extent of the damage, the bill can quickly escalate. Choosing to repair your motorbike with second-hand parts is financially advantageous. Indeed, they are much more affordable. Their prices are negotiated very well depending on their condition.

Don't worry! Even though they have already been used, second-hand parts are still of good quality. They are usually checked and tested before being offered for sale. This means that they offer the same performance as the original parts. With luck, it is even possible to find some that are still in perfect condition.

They may not last as long as new parts, but you can be sure of getting the same quality components at the best price.

Sometimes they are even the only option for repairing vintage or rare motorbikes. This is most often the case for older bikes for which manufacturers have stopped making spare parts. This is also the case when the required parts are difficult to find or very expensive.

As you can see, second-hand parts allow you to get your bike back on its feet without breaking the bank.

They are ideal for replacing accessories and trim parts damaged in a crash. Fairing parts, indicators, mirrors, luggage, various control levers, etc. can be found on the second-hand market.

Following a serious accident, second-hand parts also offer an excellent compromise for replacing particularly expensive components such as rims, suspensions, exhaust, tyres, etc.

The same applies to electrical equipment as well as vital motorbike components such as engine parts, cylinder heads, crankcases, etc.

However, be careful with the parts that ensure your safety. It is best to use only new parts for their repair. This is the case, for example, with brake system components (brake discs, hoses, etc.).

Repair: a temporary solution

repairing a motorbike wheel

If, for budgetary reasons, you are unable to get your bike back on its feet in one go, give priority to replacing the parts that are essential for its proper functioning. You should also give priority to safety components and anything else that will ensure the bike's roadworthiness.

To reduce costs, you can try to repair certain parts until you can afford to replace them. This is the case, for example, with rims and suspensions. Specialised craftsmen have mastered the art of repairing them and can restore them to their original dimensions.

Similarly, in the case of cracks in the engine block or cracks in the cylinder head, it is possible to repair them with special welds.

If the impact did not damage your tyres too much, you can always repair punctures with a wick kit. This will allow you to continue driving until you buy new tyres.

As far as the fairing parts are concerned, you can try to repair them yourself to reduce costs. There are many tutorials on how to use fibre and resin, as well as on how to putty. Just follow the instructions given in these video guides. The most skilful can go as far as repainting the bike to give it a new look, and thus save some money.

Replacing certain cosmetic parts can also wait. You don't have to buy passenger grips right away if you always ride solo, for example. Similarly, you can put off buying new luggage if you don't need it right away.

In any case, repairs are a temporary solution. For your own safety and to maintain the performance of your car, consider refurbishing it properly. Second-hand parts offer a good compromise between quality and price.

Where to get reliable used parts?

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Despite the advantages of used parts, this choice is not without risks.