Repair your motorcycle with used parts

A fall, an accident... your two-wheeler is badly damaged. After diagnosis, the list of parts to be replaced is long and the note promises to be high. To reduce expenses, you plan to buy used parts but have doubts about their reliability. Is it a good idea to use second hand parts to repair your motorcycle? Is it possible to use used parts to repair everything? Where to get quality parts? Discover the answers to your questions.

Repairing your motorcycle with second-hand parts: an advantageous choice

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Repairing a motorcycle is no easy feat. Depending on the extent of the damage, the amount of the invoice can very quickly fly away. Choosing to repair your motorcycle with used parts is financially advantageous. In fact, they are much more affordable. Their prices are negotiable very well depending on their condition.

Rest assured ! Although they have already been used, the second-hand pieces remain of good quality. They are generally checked and tested before being put on sale. They therefore offer the same performance as the original parts. With luck, it is even possible to find some that are still in perfect condition.

Granted, they won't last as long as new parts, but you can be sure you're getting equivalent quality components at the best price.

They even sometimes present themselves as the only option for repairing collector's motorcycles or rare racing cars. This most often concerns old bike models for which manufacturers have stopped making spare parts. This is also the case when the required elements are difficult to find or are very expensive.

As you will have understood, second-hand parts allow you to get your bike back on its feet without breaking the bank.

They are ideal for replacing accessories and trim parts damaged by a fall. Fairing components, indicators, mirrors, luggage storage, various control levers… These parts can be found on the second-hand market.

Following a serious accident, second-hand parts also offer an excellent compromise to replace elements that are particularly expensive such as rims, suspensions, exhaust, tires, etc.

The same goes for electrical equipment as well as vital elements of the motorcycle such as engine parts, cylinder head, crankcases, etc.

Be careful, however, with regard to the elements that ensure your safety. It is better to use only new parts for their repair. This is the case, for example, of the components of the braking system (brake discs, hoses, etc.).

Repair: a temporary solution

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If for budgetary reasons, you are unable to get your car back on its feet in one go, prioritize the replacement of the parts essential for its proper functioning. Also give priority to safety elements and everything that guarantees the good handling of the motorcycle.

To reduce costs, you can try to repair certain parts until you can afford to replace them. This is the case, for example, of rims and suspensions. Specialized craftsmen now master their repair and can restore their original dimensions.

Similarly, in the event of cracks in the engine block or cracks in the cylinder head, it is possible to repair them with specific welds.

If the impact did not damage your tires too much, you can always repair punctures with a wick kit. You can thus continue to drive while waiting for the purchase of new tires.

As for the parts of the fairing, you can attempt to repair them yourself to reduce the cost. Many tutorials on the handling of fiber and resin, as well as masticating techniques are now available on the web. Just follow the directions given by these video guides. The most skilled can go so far as to repaint the bike to give it a nice look, and thus save some money.

The replacement of certain aesthetic parts can also wait. You don't have to buy passenger grips right away if you're still riding solo, for example. Similarly, you can postpone the acquisition of new luggage if you do not need it immediately.

In any case, repair remains a temporary solution. For your safety and to maintain the performance of your car, remember to restore it properly. For this, second-hand parts allow a good compromise between quality and price.

Where to get reliable used parts?

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Despite the advantages offered by used parts, this choice is not without risk. Precautions should be taken when buying second-hand items.

Indeed, in recent years, counterfeits and poor quality parts have been spreading. More and more individuals are also offering second-hand parts at attractive prices on classified ad sites. However, it is difficult to verify the origin of these pieces. The risk of falling on dishonest sellers is therefore high.

Many bikers have had bad experiences buying used parts anywhere and from anyone. Some have ended up with defective or, worse, stolen parts.

To avoid such situations, it is recommended that you buy your used parts from a trusted dealer. For example, you can go to an approved and authorized motorcycle junkyard. In this way, you buy parts previously tested and verified by professionals. You will also have access to reliable information concerning their provenance.

Also favor second-hand parts manufactured by the manufacturer of your motorcycle. So you can be sure to receive parts that are compatible with your two-wheeler. Feel free to inquire about the brands to make sure they match.

You can click here to check reliable offers.

Finally, if the repair of your bike requires the purchase of a large number of parts, a good plan is to obtain a wreck of the same model from a motorcycle junkyard. You can then collect parts on it to repair your two-wheeler. Financially, it is cheaper than buying several pieces individually.

In conclusion, used parts combine efficiency and economy to get your motorcycle back on its feet after a fall or accident. However, be sure to contact a professional and serious dealer or an online motorcycle junkyard to purchase your parts. So you can be sure to get quality parts.