How to prepare for the electrical transition?

Cities are often a reflection of society: in recent years, the transition has been taking place to become greener and more respectful of the environment.

Parking spaces are often problematic in large cities, few locations, narrow and expensive places.

Count between 70 and 90 euros per month for a subscription to Parisian squares for a car.
This is why many city dwellers have turned to two wheels, which are thin, easy to park and above all benefit from free parking spaces.

The boom of two-wheelers in Paris for ten years

Paris is a European capital with the largest number of two-wheelers in its fleet. It must be recognized that this has made it possible to streamline the already dense traffic in the city and on the ring road.

There are more than 100,000 scooters currently in Paris and until then, the question of parking spaces had never arisen.

It was without counting on a new regulation which has long been discussed and which has recently emerged.

Changing regulations in Paris

However, as CNET reminds us since September 1, 2022, the regulations have changed and the 42,000 dedicated spaces and areas shared with cars are now chargeable, as Anne Hidalgo had promised.

The town hall of Paris also warns users of motorized vehicles who use sidewalks or bicycle parking lots: this is prohibited and punishable.

However, paid parking will only apply to thermal two-wheelers and not to electric two-wheelers !

As you will have understood, the purpose of the maneuver is to stem street traffic and encourage users to opt for softer forms of mobility.

zeway scooter in Paris

ZEWAY: a soft and ecological solution made in France

In the midst of all these changes and the questions posed by the energy transition, we want to highlight a soft and green solution from a French company that is close to our hearts: ZEWAY .

ZEWAY is a mobility start-up which aims to be the leading European operator of urban electric mobility by reinventing the scooter. Indeed, ZEWAY accompanies you in your transition to electric thanks to a long-term rental of electric scooter, equipped with an innovative and unique technology in Europe of battery exchange in 50 seconds in 40 battery exchange stations in Paris.

ZEWAY offers you a subscription to electric scooters from 139 euros per month for individuals and professionals.

The advantage with ZEWAY is access to the many battery stations in Paris. No more endless waiting to recharge your battery, with ZEWAY go to one of the stations, you remove your discharged battery and take a new fully charged one.

Operation time: 50 seconds.

ZEWAY terminal

As a bonus, you don't pay for electricity, everything is included in the offer! You will find a charging station at most 2 km around you at the partners Monoprix, Esso and BNP PARIBAS.

Finally, maintenance, insurance and, we repeat, electricity are included.

Bye Bye the old polluting thermal scooters, ZEWAY offers you a silent and environmentally friendly electric scooter, with 0% CO2 emissions. It's an easy solution to make a smooth energy transition!

If you are interested, don't hesitate to try their solution for free, at R-PUR, we said YES!