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Nano S - Black Verified Buyer
François C.

Very ergonomic mask that fits perfectly on the face. Simple and quick to put on. I use it for my daily bike rides in Lyon. It is very easy to breathe for a filtering mask even when making an effort. I recommend this mask for people who are exposed to polluted air.

FiiT - Black Verified Buyer
FiiT - Black

Top customer service for a great product! A team that knows its product, located in France and able to take into account atypical situations.

Nano S - Black Verified Buyer
Franck B

Very good product, efficient, very nice packaging, good looks

FiiT - Beige Verified Buyer
Françoise V.

Very protective and comfortable mask. Breathing is easy. Excellent quality. Serious site.

Nano S - White Verified Buyer
Eric B.

Hello, what can I say except that this mask is perfect, I think it does its job very well, it's a little more complicated to breathe than a simple cloth club, I think it's due to its effectiveness, but otherwise very light and pleasant to wear! 🙏🏻👍🏻

FiiT - Navy Verified Buyer
Olivier A.

Hello, A very high quality product and excellent customer service. The manufacturer's commitments have been fulfilled. I highly recommend it.

FiiT - Navy Verified Buyer
Pascal P.

After several months of use, I can confirm that the R-PUR mask is proving itself. I use it in the metro. Mask to buy for those who are confronted with pollution.....

Nano S - Black Verified Buyer
Véronique L.

I am completely satisfied with my Nano R pur mask, I don't ride my bike without it! (AND VERY HAPPY TO HAVE IT WHEN I FIND MYSELF BEHIND A TRUCK OR A BUS) It is perfect in winter but a bit too hot in summer!

Nano S - Black Verified Buyer
Nicolas D.

A truly innovative product that reassures when you live in highly polluted areas, which is innovative, well designed and very comfortable. The icing on the cake is that it is a company that takes the time to answer your questions when you have them.

Nano S - White Verified Buyer
Stéphane P.

A product that may seem expensive, but when you wear it every day in Berlin for an hour and a half by bike and see the state of the filter, you can't do without it.

FiiT - Beige Verified Buyer
William C.

After trying many masks, I found the perfect mask and well designed .... Try it and you'll get it.

FiiT - Black Verified Buyer
Olivier M.

Very good mask. Allows me to stop taking antihistamines for allergies. Ideal for pollution, easy breathing unlike other masks.

Nano Light - Ghost Verified Buyer
Daniel F.

Excellent mask, easy to wear with a motorbike helmet and effective in fighting the allergenic effects of pollen. However, if you wear glasses, you may want to try them out first (I had some problems with my first pair of glasses because of the shape of the frame). Otherwise, I am fully satisfied with my purchase.

Nano Light - Hexagone Verified Buyer
Hugues T.

Great mask! Comfortable, ergonomic and above all top filtration on pollens and air pollution, you feel a real difference.

Nano Light - Hexagone Verified Buyer
Alexandre H.

The mask is very pleasant to wear and adapts very well to the face. In a few minutes you forget you are wearing it. The most pleasant thing is the fact that there is no elastic around the ears. The Velcro fasteners are of very good quality. I recommend this product.

FiiT - Black Verified Buyer
Paul C.

When I unpacked it, I didn't think it was very good. After watching the tutorials on the fiit (how to adjust it, etc.), it's a great mask, very comfortable, very discreet and very effective.

Nano Light - Hexagone Verified Buyer
Alexis L.

Top protection, top product, excellent company, excellent customer relations, good breathability, while knowing that there is pressure on the face and heat inside the mask. For those who want to protect themselves to the maximum there is no better.

FiiT - Black Verified Buyer
Romain D.

No worries, mask as expected (may not fit all faces but looks good on mine), same for ordering new filters.

Nano Light - Hexagone Verified Buyer
Duy Son T.

Ergonomic mask, no buoy on the visor of the helmet even in rainy weather though it is an integral, the air to breathe is pollution free. The only annoyance I had is that the mask crushes a little once the jaw of the helmet engage without it a great mask.

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Discover the R-PUR models that have protected thousands of city dwellers since our inception.

They will have no new production, they are the last of the last: the filtration has been the same since our inception.

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The last mask you will ever buy, PROMIS.

The FiiT mask is the latest addition to the R-PUR range, a brand new model entirely dedicated to urban pedestrians.

The patented R-PUR technology developed in France, is the first in the world capable of protecting you from nanoparticles as small as 20 nanometers.

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