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More accurate.
More efficient.
For all.

The main application for air pollution
and your mask is getting a makeover.
Build around 4 new features, check them out.

An application
open to all.

Making the information available to everyone and not only to our R-PUR customers was the priority.

Everyone has now free and unlimited access to accurate air pollution and particle exposure data.

Past, present and future

To understand your exposure to air pollution.

The R-PUR application accurately measures and predicts the quality of the air around you thanks to its partnership with Breezometer

With an innovative algorithm, it informs you about your level of exposure to pollutants in real time, assesses your past exposure and informs you of your future exposure based on the standards provided by the WHO.

Breezometer is the world's leading provider of air quality data
One mask and more..

Manage several masks.

Now, add all your R-PUR masks and manage their activities from a single account.

You can track the usage of your filters and those of your friends and family by adding each filter in the application.

Switch from one activity to another with ease by choosing the mask from the R-PUR range that is right for you.

Richer data

Measure filter wear, more precisely.

The wear status of your mask is calculated more accurately thanks to the new algorithm and richer data.

With geolocation and additional activities, your filter information has never been more reliable, helping you to know when to replace your filter.

Discover the new version

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