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Announcement 💌

Prochaine réouverture lundi 9 Novembre 🌟

Once again, thank you for your trust

Monday 14 September

Out of stock quickly 💌

Once again, thank you for your keen interest.

It’s always a real pleasure to see you all during our re-openings.

It is now obvious : the current demand for our products is higher than our maximum production capacity. Each one of our masks is hand-sewn, composed of many steps of manufacturing, and our wish is to keep our premium quality that you look for when you join the R-PUR community.

Our mission is to protect everyone from air pollution.

That’s why we understand and share your frustration when you’re unable to place an order.

Next reopening

Monday 9 November 🍂

Since the beginning of the year, we have multiplied our production capacity by 4.

Our teams work fast-paced to face the high demand.

We must let you know that we’ll never sell a mask that we aren’t capable of delivering.

In the same light, we do not wish to open pre-orders that will be dispatched in a few months, that’s why we are compelled to limit our sales during our re-openings.

Our next reopening is scheduled for Monday 9th November at noon, all masks will be sold by direct delivery.

You can leave your email to receive a reminder.


Opening on 9th November ☁️

The shop will open on 9 November at noon (UTC +2).

You will be able to order 2 R-PUR masks for direct delivery:

. 2 Nano Light

. 1 Nano One / 1 Nano Light

. 2 Nano One

You will also be able to add 1 spray, 1 carry bag and 2 washing bags.

We advise you to connect quickly in order to be able to equip yourself, thank you for your support 💌

Order a filter

Available in the application

Since July 1st, our current users can order a filter directly within their mobile application: tracked letter delivery is offered 💌

First of all, check your mobile application: a new version is available since the end of June.

If you encounter a problem or do not have the mobile application installed, you can contact us directly by clicking the button below.

Thank you for your patience

The R-PUR team 💌

Limit reached
Sorry, you cannot add more of this product

We try to put a limit for the benefice of everyone