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Nano Light cycling mask

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Easy breathing
Suitable glasses
Filter included
Unique size
Filter the pollen 🌼
Feel the difference from the first use ✅
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By ordering this Nano S mask, you benefit from Colissimo delivery offered at home or at a relay point.

Returns are available within 30 days of purchase.

Deadlines and delivery

In mainland France, Colissimo orders are delivered in 4 to 5 working days.

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+ 30,000 people have adopted the Nano S for their trip to town 🚲 🏃🏻

Who wants to be my partner on M6 📺

Biggest lift season 1 🥇

Differences between the R-PUR mask and other masks?

Nano S Other masks
🌸 Filters pollen
👓 Anti-fog
🦠 Filters nanoparticles (PM 0.05)
🚬 Filters odors
🌫️ Filter gases
🌬️ Hot air extraction valve
🔒 100% Hermetic
🔁 Interchangeable filter
✓ Filters PM 10
✓ Filters PM 2.5

Why is this mask the best in the world for cycling? 🚲

  • ✓ The most breathable

    Unlike other masks, the R-PUR Nano S mask allows you to breathe effortlessly.

  • ✓ The ultimate filtration

    Our patented filtration technology protects you like no other since 2016.

  • ✓ Unparalleled comfort

    Our Soft-Foam® shape memory technology adapts to your morphology.

masque R-PUR en 3D qui s'ouvre pour voir le filtre

Ultra-efficient patented filtration

Our technology is the first to filter PM 0.05 nanoparticles

What our customers say about the Nano S mask

Nano S - Black Verified buyer
François C.

Very ergonomic mask that fits perfectly to the face. Simple and quick to set up. I use it for bike trips in Lyon every day. We breathe well for a filter mask even when making an effort. I recommend mask for people exposed to polluted air.

Nano S - Black Verified buyer
Franck B

Very good product, effective, very nice packaging, beautiful aesthetics

Nano S - White Verified buyer
Eric B.

Hello, what can I say except that this mask is perfect, I think it does its job very well, it's a little more complicated to breathe than a simple fabric club, I think it's due to its effectiveness , but otherwise very light and comfortable to wear !!! 🙏🏻👍🏻

Nano S - Black Verified buyer
Cyrill C.

Regular customer for more than a year at R-pur for more than a year now; I have never had any problem so far either in delivery or in the quality of the products. Keep it up 👍

Nano S - Black Verified buyer
Gerard F.

I use the mask for cycling and it's excellent as protection, especially for me who has a Bbco (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

Nano S - Black Verified buyer
Hugh M.

Attached super adjustable. But it takes 4 tries to find its setting. Really top but slips a little when long hair. I do weight training on the treadmill while indoors. A bit hot but fine but I lost some performance as it requires a bit of breathing training. I haven't tried changing the filter yet. We'll see how easy it is

Nano S - Black Verified buyer
Dorothy M.

Superb, exceeded all my expectations. Very comfortable to wear even with glasses. Foam adjusters for a tight fit on the nose.

Nano S - Black Verified buyer
Véronique L.

I am completely satisfied with my pure Nano R mask, I no longer cycle without wearing it! (AND VERY HAPPY TO HAVE IT WHEN I'M BEHIND A TRUCK OR A BUS) Certainly it is perfect in winter but a little too hot in summer! ...I'm impatiently waiting to know the price of the last one (for pedestrians), I think it might be better suited when I'm on foot... I recommend Rpur to people living in town..

Nano S - Black Verified buyer
Nicholas D.

Truly innovative product that reassures when living in highly polluted areas that is innovative, well designed and very comfortable. The icing on the cake is a French company that takes the time to answer your questions when you have them. Thanks to R-PUR for representing what we can produce in France.

Nano S - White Verified buyer
Bertrand D.

very breathable, comfortable. Despite the price, I recommend.

Nano S - Black Verified buyer
Jean Yves

It's really all good. I'm allergic to different polens and other substances, and thanks to the mask I was able to ride my bike and cross the countryside to get to town without the slightest discomfort or the slightest sneeze. I live again. THANKS

Nano S - Black Verified buyer
Paulette G.

we are very satisfied with our purchase the mask is of very good quality with real effectiveness against pollution and odors, I recommend without hesitation, especially if you are cycling in a polluted area, you will quickly notice the difference.

Nano S - White Verified buyer
Stéphane P.

A product that may seem expensive, but when you wear it every day in Paris for 1h30 by bike and you see the state of the filter, you can't live without it.

youtuber qui tient un masque R-PUR pour faire un test

Mask test ✓

Find a complete test of the cycling mask: glasses, fogging, effectiveness.

See on Youtube

Need help ?

frequently asked Questions

Which mask is made for me?

Since 2016 and the development of our first model, three models have been created at R-PUR. Each model brings us one step closer to our core mission of protecting all people from air pollution.

It can sometimes be difficult to choose which mask will be the most suitable to protect you on a daily basis. No worries, we are here to support you in your choice.

On the move or in effort: the Nano range is the one you need

The R-PUR Nano range has been specially developed for people on the move or in sporting effort.

Nano Light : adapted with a helmet, reinforced for high speeds - It will be perfect for use on a motorcycle and in winter.

Nano S: this ultra-breathable mask is perfect for use while cycling, scootering, running and exercising.

How long does a filter last?

On average, the filter should be replaced after 6 to 14 weeks of daily use, depending on your exposure to air pollution and your usage.

How much will protecting me on a daily basis cost me?

Your mask is guaranteed for five years, so you won't have to worry if it has a problem. Regarding the filter, the refill per unit is €29 for the Nano range and €17 for the FiiT range.

With a filter to be changed on average every two months, the bill amounts to €14.50 / month or €8.50 / month.

Are our masks compatible with wearing glasses?

Yes, our masks are fully compatible with wearing glasses. 9 times out of 10, your glasses won't be a problem.

If you have an imposing mount, you can write to us to find out more.

Regarding fogging, first designed for motorcyclists and two-wheelers, it was important for us to offer a mask that prevents fogging from forming on the visor of helmets or goggles, for visibility and safety. optimal on the road.

Will I be protected from pollen while cycling?

It's a very good question, yes you will be totally protected from pollen with the R-PUR mask.

When pollen season is in full swing, more and more people affected by the problem seek protection.

They can then turn to an anti-pollution mask and two essential parameters must then be taken into account:

Effectiveness: what allergens will my mask filter, and up to what size?

Hermeticity: in other words, will the outside air enter my mask?

At R-PUR, we have developed a mask that perfectly meets these two criteria:

  • Thanks to its five filtering layers, the R-PUR mask absorbs all allergenic particles from the air and thus allows you to remain protected against tree, grass and herbaceous pollen.
  • In terms of airtightness, depending on the morphology of your face, we will filter 99.86% to 99.98% of the outside air.

If you want to go into more detail, you can find our complete file on pollen allergies .

What is air pollution?

At R-PUR, we are convinced that a global understanding of air pollution would make it possible to change mentalities more quickly.

We are therefore committed to explaining simply what air pollution is, what is responsible for it, and what you can do to protect yourself from it.

There are considered to be two categories of air pollutants:

  • primary pollutants
  • secondary pollutants

If you want detailed information, we have written a special file to easily understand air pollution .

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On vous a aussi préparer un guide si vous voulez passer au vélo électrique ainsi que 5 accessoires indispensables à avoir avec son vélo quand on est en ville.

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