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FiiT® Black

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The new R-PUR pedestrian mask by R-PUR
1001 customization possibilities with the configurator
Delivered with an integrated filter and Stop-Valve™️

Shipped within 24h

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FiiT® - €129 €99
You've heard of R-PUR


Reusable for life 🌱

No need to change your mask, just replace your filter - A filter lasts between 6 and 12 weeks on average, depending on your actual use.

8 layers of filtration™️

The patented R-PUR technology developed in France is the first in the world to protect you from nanoparticles as small as 20 nanometres.

Included: Stop-Valve™️

Warm air is expelled quickly to improve wearing and breathing comfort - Comes with a Stop-valve™️ for the moments or places that require blocking exhaled air, such as on a plane.

Our customers say it best 💌

Rated 4.6/5 on Trustpilot!

Satisfied or your money back

30 days to decide when you receive the mask. No justification will be required 💫

Payment in 3x without fees

Order now, pay in multiples with no hidden fees. Payment D+30 is also available 🌟

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which mask is right for me?

Since 2016 and the development of our first model, three models have emerged at R-PUR.

Each model brings us a little closer to our core mission of protecting all people from air pollution.

It can sometimes be difficult to choose which mask will be the most suitable for your daily protection. Don't worry, we're here to help you make the right choice.

Whether you are on the move or working out: the Nano range is the one for you

The R-PUR Nano range has been specially developed for people on the move or undergoing sporting effort.

Nano Light : adapted with a helmet, reinforced for high speeds - It will be perfect for a use in motorcycle and in winter.

Nano S: purchase system dedicated to movement, ultra breathable - It will be perfect for use in cycling, scooter, running and in effort.

On foot, in the subway, on the plane or indoors: the FiiT range is for you.

The new R-PUR FiiT range has been specially developed for people on foot and in hazardous environments.

When will your FiiT® mask be delivered?

Deliveries will take place in March for new people who order.

The masks will be delivered in order of order.

What size should I choose for my FiiT® mask?

We have developed a very simple way for the selection of the FiiT® mask size

You can find all the information on the dedicated page for the size guide.

How do I access the FiiT® mask accessories page?

Once you have chosen your mask, whether you have customized it or not, you will be redirected to the FiiT® accessories page: chain, carrying case, filters, you can also add new customizations.

You can access the FiiT® accessories page here

How long does a filter last ?

Our Zephyr algorithm aggregates the average number of kilometres travelled with air pollution data on each route.

It calculates a precise date for the filter replacement in order to guarantee optimal protection.

On average, the filter is replaced after 5 to 15 weeks of daily use, depending on your personal usage and the level of exposure to air pollution.

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