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Stop-Valve Nano Default Title

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Stop-Valve developed by the R-PUR R&D team,to completely block the exhaled air

Nano Light, One, Sport: compatible

FiiT®: already included in the box

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Stop-Valve Nano - €4,90
You've heard of R-PUR


Full filtration

Our patented technology is the first to filter nanoparticles called "very fine particles" PM0.05

Discover our patented filtration

Interchangeable filter

Track the wear of your filter with the R-PUR mobile app. The filter needs to be replaced after 5 to 15 weeks of daily use

Discover our mobile app

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Rated 4.6/5 on Trustpilot!

Easy to use

Fits easily onto your filter for instant use

Optimal breathability

Does not impair breathing in your mask

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which mask is right for me?

Since 2016 and the development of our first model, three models have emerged at R-PUR.

Each model brings us a little closer to our core mission of protecting all people from air pollution.

It can sometimes be difficult to choose which mask will be the most suitable for your daily protection. Don't worry, we're here to help you make the right choice.

Whether you are on the move or working out: the Nano range is the one for you

The R-PUR Nano range has been specially developed for people on the move or undergoing sporting effort.

Nano Light : adapted with a helmet, reinforced for high speeds - It will be perfect for a use in motorcycle and in winter.

Nano S: purchase system dedicated to movement, ultra breathable - It will be perfect for use in cycling, scooter, running and in effort.

On foot, in the subway, on the plane or indoors: the FiiT range is for you.

The new R-PUR FiiT range has been specially developed for people on foot and in hazardous environments.

How long does a filter last ?

Our Zephyr algorithm aggregates the average number of kilometres travelled with air pollution data on each route.

It calculates a precise date for the filter replacement in order to guarantee optimal protection.

On average, the filter is replaced after 5 to 15 weeks of daily use, depending on your personal usage and the level of exposure to air pollution.

Combien me protéger au quotidien va-t-il me coûter ?

Votre masque est garanti pendant cinq années, vous n'aurez donc pas de souci à vous faire s'il rencontre un souci.

Concernant le filtre, la recharge à l'unité est à 29€.

Avec un filtre à changer en moyenne tous les deux mois, la facture s'élève à 14,50€ / mois.

Depuis le début de l'année 2022, nous proposons un abonnement sans engagement adapté l'usage de nos utilisateurs et dégressif, livraison offerte.

Par exemple, pour un filtre tous les deux mois, le prix sera de 11€/mois livraison comprise.

Plus d'infos sur nos abonnements sur la page dédiée.

Are our masks suitable for sports?

During our two years of research and development, we sought to obtain the most protective and breathable solution.

This has been possible thanks to a careful selection of breathable technical materials, the development of a dedicated valve and tests on numerous sportsmen and women.

Our special attachments allow the mask to stay in place even during movements, and the shape memory foam ensures that the mask remains perfectly airtight during your sports sessions.

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