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The R-PUR mobile app is available exclusively with your R-PUR Nano® mask.

It allows you to track the wear of your filter to know exactly when to replace it.

The R-PUR application also provides additional information on the weather and the level of pollution around you in real time.

Stay informed

Real-time air pollution

R-PUR app is the first mobile application to use all the big data of air pollution collected from many national and international organizations to provide you the most accurate information.

For air pollution, we are talking about the AQI index, which includes NO2, PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations. R-PUR mask not only filters them completely but also goes even further by filtering particles that are 50 times smaller than PM2.5: PM0.05


Monitor your
interchangeable filter

Our Zephyr algorithm aggregates the average number of kilometres travelled with air pollution data on each route.

It calculates a precise date for filter replacement to ensure optimal protection.

On average, the filter needs to be replaced after 5 to 15 weeks of daily use depending on your personal use and level of exposure to air pollution.


verification process

Each filter has a unique individual certificate to ensure its authenticity.

When installing your new filter, a verification process will be enabled by scanning a unique QR Code on your mobile app.

This way, you can be sure that your filter is authentic and certified by R-PUR that it incorporates all our technology.


10x more efficient filtration
than the highest European standard FFP3


Hot air extraction valve

It allows the flow of hot air to evacuate 60 times faster than with a conventional valve, even when running or cycling.


Water repellant layer

The first water-repellent layer of your filter will filter out coarse dusts as well as liquids.


Nano Filtration®️ technology

The two nanofiltration layers with electrostatic filtration filter out particles up to a size of 50 nanometers.


Activated carbon layer

This activated carbon layer blocks harmful gases and odors so that you can breathe perfectly pure air.


Easy-to-breathe memory fiber inner layer

Thanks to this technical anti-humidity layer, you can stay dry in your mask.


Soft and airtight face seal

Enjoy a perfect hermetic seal with your filter's technical memory foam.



The R-PUR Nano® mask is the most effective solution in the world at the moment.

With its 5 filter layers, it filters out gases, odors, pollen, bacteria, viruses, fine/very fine particles, diesel particles and toxic particulate matter (PM) linked to air pollution.

R-PUR Nano® is the first truly effective nanofiltration solution against harmful particles that are extremely fine.

Nitrogen dioxide
10 microns
PM 10
2.5 microns
PM 2.5
Fine particles
0.5 micron
PM 0.5
0.05 micron
PM 0.05


Optimal protection would have no impact if the air enters the inside of your mask.

Our solution has passed hermeticity tests on a wide range of faces. These tests were carried out by an independent European certification laboratory.

You can access all the tests we've done.

This is made possible by the technical-shaped memory foam on our filters. It will perfectly match the shape of your face, and the tether system will adjust the facial seal of your R-PUR filter.

Round face
Similar face
length and witdh
99.97 %
Oval face
forhead and jaw
99.90 %
Long face
Narrow face with
a longer chin
99.97 %
Square face
Wide face with
a squared jaw
99.86 %
Triangular face
Wider forehead with
a narrower chin
99.99 %


The R-PUR mask will be perfectly personalized for your daily use. When travelling by foot, two motorized wheels or electric mobility, you will be able to breathe normally after three uses maximum.

Your mask will also allow you to breathe perfectly when jogging or cycling. This is made possible by our hot air extraction valve, which allows air to evacuate 60 times faster than with a conventional valve.

We have developed the most effective and protective solution on the market with our 5-layered filter.

Normal breathing
Electric mobility
Electric kickboard
Electric bicyble
Normal breathing
Motorized two wheels
Normal breathing
All types
Moderate effort
Sport activities
Cross country running
Moderate effort
The materials

We have selected premium materials

Water-repellent fabric and Thermo-control®

We have selected a quality material with a water-repellent coating that allows you not to get wet while remaining ultra breathable. Themo-control® provides optimal comfort both in summer and winter.

Extraction valve

The hot air extraction valve is a patented technological feature that allows the hot air flow to evacuate 60 times faster than with a conventional valve.

Reinforced aluminium ring

This solution is particularly used in aeronautics. It provides a perfect durability even after several years of use.

Ergonomic fasteners

The attachments have been specially designed to allow a helmet to be worn over the mask.

The mask

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