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Carry Bag
Cleaning Spray
Washing Bag

Cleaning Spray Default Title

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Discover our new cleaner
Alcohol free

Composition :

  • Water : 98.8%
  • Glycerol : 1%
  • Poly (hexamethylenebicyanoguanide) hydrochloride : 0.1 -0.3%

Containing : 50 mL

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Cleaning Spray - €8,90
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Indispensable accessory

Easy to transport and light weight

Bacteria and viruses

Eliminates 99.99% for bacteria and viruses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does our mask protect against viruses?

We filter particles up to 20 nanometers in size, so we will filter out most existing viruses.

In the current case of Covid-19, the R-PUR mask will be able to protect you effectively and also protect your close ones thanks to our stop-valve system.

In addition to the protection capacity, we must also take into account the hermeticity factor.

Indeed, depending on different face shapes, your mask will be able to filter 99.98% of the ambient air, which will make it your most effective ally against the spread: we know for example that sputters are carriers of the virus.

You can learn more on our page Our Technologies.

How long does a filter last ?

Our Zephyr algorithm aggregates the average number of kilometres travelled with air pollution data on each route.

It calculates a precise date for the filter replacement in order to guarantee optimal protection.

On average, the filter is replaced after 5 to 15 weeks of daily use, depending on your personal usage and the level of exposure to air pollution.

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