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R-PUR presents Pure Days
All of our masks at 89€

60000 people protected with an R-PUR mask - 4.5/5 out of 4000+ reviews 🌟

8 couches de filtration

Quite simply, the world's most filtering mask.

8 couches de filtration

The R-PUR Nano® mask is the most effective solution in the world.

With its 8 filter layers, it filters out gases, odors, pollen, fine/very fine particles, diesel particles and toxic particulate matter (PM) linked to air pollution.

The patented R-PUR technology is also the very first in the world to be able to filter out particles as small as 20 nanometers.

Nouveau : Découvrez les Archives R-PUR

Découvrez les modèles R-PUR qui ont protégé des milliers de citadins depuis nos débuts. Ils n'auront aucune nouvelle production, ce sont les derniers des derniers : la filtration est identique depuis nos débuts.

Vous aurez une allure vintage et vous pourrez en profiter à un tarif avantageux.

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You've heard of R-PUR
The best anti-pollution
mask in the world is French
Our vision

Made in France, handmade quality since 2015

R-PUR designs and manufactures the R-PUR Nano® mask in France.

The Research & Development program and material tests were carried out in partnership with the engineers from the Institut National des Arts et Métiers.

A long-term commitment
They help and support us
FiiT packaging FiiT packaging
FiiT packaging FiiT packaging

The last mask you'll
ever buy, PROMISE.

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