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Worldwide patented nanofiltration technology 🏆
filtre R-PUR décomposé avec deux logos nano filtration et 8 layers technology

Quite simply, the most effective mask in the world.

Thanks to its 8 layers of filtration, it is able to protect you against pollen and air pollution : fine diesel and toxic particles present in the air, gas, odor.

Its patented technology is also the first in the world capable of stopping particles with a size of 20 nanometers.

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Innovation is R-PUR's key word - The best anti-pollution mask in the world is French 🇫🇷

Already +70,000 satisfied customers

Nano Light - Hexagon Verified Buyer

Top protection, top product, excellent company, excellent customer relations, good breathability, knowing that there is pressure on the face and heat inside the mask. For those who want maximum protection there is no better.

Nano S - Black Verified Buyer
Oliver M.

Allows me to stop taking allergy antihistamines. Ideal for pollution, easy breathing unlike other masks.

Nano Light - Hexagon Verified Buyer
BenoÎt F.

Very good mask, I really feel the difference between the days when I wear it and those when I don't, it's obvious.

Nano S - Black Verified Buyer
Mark D.

Excellent mask to fight against pollution, gases and other viruses. Used daily for commuting in urban areas: thank you for protecting my lungs! Very responsive and competent seller. Quick and easy restocking. In short, I recommend with eyes closed!

Nano Light - Ghost Verified Buyer
Gilles B.

Great product, it lives up to my expectations, having respiratory problems, it protects me well since the arrival of covid19. THANKS...

Nano S - Black Verified Buyer
Florent C.

A really great product, allergies are no longer a problem to get my bike out and that's already a lot. No problem riding a bike or e-bike with it, even in hot weather.

Nano S - Black Verified Buyer
Pascal P.

After several months of use, I can confirm that the R-PUR mask is proven. I use it on the subway. Mask to buy for those who are faced with pollution.....

Nano Light - Ghost Verified Buyer
Cyrill V.

On the order and the delivery nothing to complain about. I dreaded the summer period because I feared that the mask would be a real oven to wear, but on the contrary it is essential, in addition to its filtration function, it helps to maintain humidity and a constant temperature inside the mask. ..

Nano Light - Hexagon Verified Buyer
Mark F.

So far all my experiences with R-Pur team at the TOP! Listening to customers, very accommodating, very responsive, etc... in short, only positive. The price is quite high but it is justified by the whole product (quality, technology etc) and service (fast service, solution provided, after-sales service etc)...

Nano S - Black Verified Buyer
Françoise V.

Very protective and very comfortable mask. Breathing is easy. Impeccable quality. Serious site. Moreover, it is a French product!

Nano S - Black Verified Buyer
Nicholas D.

Truly innovative product that reassures when living in highly polluted areas that is innovative, well designed and very comfortable. The icing on the cake is a French company that takes the time to answer your questions when you have them. Thanks to R-PUR for representing what we can produce in France.

Femme avec un casque et un masque R-PUR devant Paris le matin

Our mission since 2016: to protect you.

Protect all populations from the risks present in the air.

Find out what the main stages of our development have been, from our very first crowdfunding product to our new bike model.

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